Jessica Gomes is a digital marketing specialist and content creator who resides in Laguna Beach. She has worked in the industry as a freelancer for over eight years and recently launched her consulting business, First & Pearl Media Consulting. Jessica's goal is to assist companies in their creative online and branding ventures by producing content and getting it seen by the world.

Over the course of her career, Jessica has dove head first into multiple creative projects for companies both large and small. Her expertise lies in building marketing strategies, branding equity, and project managing, creating, and executing content relative to the brand's needs. She has also been published online and in print, traveled far and wide to meet cool people, worked as a consultant for those who need a little out of the box creativity, took on the task of editing someone's personal memoir, and has built brands from the ground up across numerous industries.

What Jessica loves most about the digital marketing industry is creating content that capture's the viewer's eye, enticing them to engage because the material impacts them on a personal level. She works tirelessly towards ingenious while staying humble and continuing her education. When Jessica isn't working she likes to workout, practice yoga, travel, attend concerts, read, work on her wellness projects, and inspire others.

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